1. Baby I can die for you, said by Mr Ceeno that wear hand glove before plugin my phone
2.I told my girlfriend that my wife will give birth to 8 children and she started shouting as if she is my wife
3. Dear boyfriend snatchers, please come and snatch me, if I refuse then rape me
4. In Nigeria, their is nothing like Google map, following Google map in Nigeria can lead you to somebody matrimonial bed

5. You’re slim, no ass, no boobs and you’re going to gym just to loose weight, do you want to disappear or what?😊
6. I just finish receiving call from my Yoruba friend and my ear started peppering me
7. Yoruba girls do not need money in a relationship, all they need is true love and instead of buying flower for her just buy her pepper
8. After having unprotected sex, you will start seeing your car plate number like this STD 142, HIV 247, AIDS 942, DEATH 032
9. The way I am afraid of my Ex eh, I even wear hand glove before liking her pix on Facebook
10. Those who dress smartly and smell fine but wear wristwatch that’s not working are among the problems we face in Nigeria
11. It took me 5 years to write this jokes and you think you can read it without shearing it to your friends

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