1. My fear to have Ex started the day my friend posted my dick is my life and his Ex commented your life is too short😂

2. The most important thing in dating me is that you will never get involve in car accident because I don’t have a car

3. Some people are born with wickedness, how can I beg you for salt and you say your mother counted it
4. On my wedding day, I will share food to those that I invited, the rest will tell me who invited them. I hate nonsense

5. We’re just fighting and you hold my neck, do you want to kill me?
6. Even if Jesus call us in heaven, some slay queen will still ask him “who give you my number”


7. I am done in watching Nollywood movies, how can electric shock ghost
8. I give up in watching Yoruba movie the day I saw Babalawo dancing Soapy by Naira Marley in his shrine
9. The way I crack jokes for my girlfriend eh, she even said I am very funnycation boy

10.In a movie American boy got angry and said to his father “Fuck you Dad” and his father hug him and say I am sorry. And you wan try it with your Nigeria father, you wan die
11. Right now one stupid boy is busy somewhere telling one stupid girl that he will give her the hold world, my friend where are you going to keep us after giving her the hold world.

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