Are you wondering how to grow your Facebook page for your business?
Then you’re in the right place.

Have you ever ask your self “is Facebook page right for my business or blog”, you likely came to conclusion that it is.

But why?

Well, Facebook is one of the top social media platforms for business due to its huge number built-in features like Facebook Page, Groups, event creation and live video.


But the problem is, growing an engaged audience isn’t as easy as posting daily.

Don’t be discouraged! I have good news for you.

How to create new page:

If you have not yet create your Facebook business page follow this guild line to setup your page but if you already have your Facebook page you can skip this step.

Login to your Facebook account
1. Go to page section and create your page
2. Choose a category for your business
3. Describe what your page is all about
4. Add your email address or phone number
5. Create a username for your page.

Okay you’re all done, let’s talk about building your Facebook page.

1. Keywords

Choosing a right keyword is necessary for your Facebook page. If you want people searching for similar business with yours on Facebook to find you, all you need to do is to use a right keyword
For example, my name is “Ceeno”, let’s assume I sell shoes and I want to create a Facebook page for my business, instead of me to use “Ceeno Shoes”, maybe I can use a keyword that people search, like “Best Shoes Store”, maybe I can create a page like “Ceeno Best Shoes Store” so when people search for “Best Shoes Store” Facebook will recommend my page among the lists. I highly recommend you to choose a right keywords.

2. Create a welcoming post for your audience.

I think after setting up your Facebook page, the first thing is to create a welcoming post on your page, it will make your audience to feel good and welcomed. While writing a welcoming post, you can also add a little description about your business and give them a good reason to like your page.

3. Invite your Facebook friends to like your page.

Inviting your Facebook friends to like your page is another best way to grow your Facebook page, I think this should be a good idea to grow your page.

When you invite your friends to like your page, the invited ones will see a notification that you have invited them to like your page.

See the screenshot below:-

Probably some of them will like your page and if you’re lucky, all your friends that you invited might like your page 😄.

Anyone that like your page automatically see your post from News Feed. I think is a good idea to invite your friends.

4. Engage your audience with unique content.

Posting a unique contents on your Facebook page is also a good way to keep your audience mind in your page. Always interact with them, you can as well create a poll and even share interesting stories. Your followers or fan who like what you’re doing might also invite his/her friend to like your page.

5. Share Your Facebook Page Link

Shearing your Facebook page link is one of the best way to grow your page. You can share your page link to your timeline and Facebook groups that have large audience, you can as well share it to other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

With this 5 steps, you can be able to grow your Facebook page without spending money.

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