Some time ago I came throughout this lovely movie, The Battle of the Sexes (2017), which portrays the happenings primarily within the tennis world during the early 1970’s. Throughout this time, the ladies’s liberation motion was gaining floor. Patriarchy was being challenged and the face and nature of society had been slowly being turned.

In such a situation, Bobby Riggs, a retired tennis player and compulsive gambler backed up tennis officials’ decision to pay women less than males. He brazenly declared that women had been weaker than males and their game was not even half as thrilling as that of men. In addition to, not many individuals went to look at them. He embodied the popular philosophy of the time, male chauvinism, and even went so far as calling himself a “male chauvinist pig”. The movie neatly brings out the conflict of the sexes; the conflict of opposing ideologies: male chauvinism and women’s liberation and the conflict of tradition: modernism against traditionalism.

Riggs challenged the then, women’s number one, Margaret Courtroom and defeated her with ease in straight sets. In doing so he believed he had once and for all established male supremacy and proved the purpose that women had been actually, ‘lesser’ than men. If a woman in her prime could not beat a retired sportsman, then no female athlete may declare equal recognition, pay or something as in comparison with males. Riggs nonetheless, grew overconfident and challenged the pioneer of women’s equal status in tennis, Billie Jean King. Billie agreed to face him with nice reluctance. The match was extremely publicized and even dubbed ‘The Battle of the Sexes’. Billie went on to defeat Bobby and thereby sending out a loud and shrill message to the whole world: women had been not lower than men.


Despite the fact that that infamous tennis match was dubbed ‘The Battle of the Sexes’, the real battle has been raging probably since Man’s fall from Unique Grace. When God created man and women He made them complementary to each other (Gen 1:26-28). He by no means ordained that man should dominate woman. However by sin and in sin, man not solely dominated the world, he also dominated woman.

In the last 60 years nonetheless, due to actions like women’s liberation, issues like equality of the sexes, respect for women, salaries and so forth, have come before public consciousness and have increasingly grown as a subject of discussion and debate. Progress has been terribly sluggish, however has nonetheless occurred. The latest case of the Weinstein scandal solely serves to reiterate my point of the snail-pace of progress.

In India – a land of diverse cultural and religious traditions, every with its personal approach of honouring or subjugating girls – the scenario is not very nice. In actual fact, it is fairly appalling. The Nirbhaya case among innumerable others are nonetheless recent in our minds. On a regular basis’s information has a report on violence towards women. What may presumably be the reason for all this madness?

In an effort to answer this query I believe it’s crucial that we ask and answer another query: “When does a male child realize he’s superior to a female?” It might appear odd however it is important. A child is unable till a sure age to differentiate between female and male. Even when it does so, it’s only in a position to establish variations and similarities. The child has no concept of superior or inferior. When and the way does he start to comprehend that he’s superior then? Clearly socialization and upbringing play a serious function. By observing the best way his household or the society or group into which he’s born and raised capabilities, he begins to type concepts, mould character and design behaviour.

A child is more likely to treat girls in ways that he has seen growing up. Due to this fact, I believe that treating a girl as you’d deal with your grandmother, mom, aunt, sister, relative or partner would resolve half the issues. However an enormous impediment arises: what about those that do not deal with their grandmother, mom, aunt, sister, relative or partner effectively? If an individual is unable to relate to girls who share his blood in a healthy manner, it is rather inconceivable that he’ll deal with different girls effectively.

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