1. Welcome to Nigeria where you will be searching for a job until searching for a job finally turn to your job.

2. A police officer stopped my car and asked me “do you know why I stopped you” I said yes because my driving was funny, we both laughed and shake hands but now I am in the jail.
3. Nobody knowns shortcut than a driver that doesn’t have drivers license

4. I don’t know why my dick is itching me so badly or is it a crime to wear one boxer for one month?

5. All I need is a loyal girlfriend that will love me too much to the extent of putting me as wallpaper in her Dad phone, I mean is that too much to ask?
6. In Igbo land, we don’t normally say “good morning” we simply say money o and they reply money my brother.


7. So nobody noticed that maggi cube is now very strong and hard this days unless you use stone and the government is not doing anything about it
8.There is a place called “Staff room” I don’t like visiting there during high school days, all the witches and wizards are there.

9. I want to date a very respectful girl that she will even wash her hands before liking my posts.
10. You think you mean the world to some people until you enter their heart and discover that you’re just a small village without light and water.

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