1.When a guy loves a girl he walks up to her and tell her…
But when a girl loves a boy…She sits back and wait for the Holy Spirit to minister to him
Teacher:Why is your answer booklet empty
Ceeno:Sometimes silence is the best answer.
3.Slim girls are always sexy when a guy lifts them up…
But the fat ones can also be lifted up through prayers.
4.If you slap me on my right cheek….I’ll turn my left so you can slap that too….
Then we discuss how you want your funeral to be
5.You will stay awake till 12am just to tell someones girlfriend Happy Birthday
Accurate time keeper…weldone sir
Assistant boyfriend
6.Biko!!! Sister if you’re ugly…you’re ugly
Which one is “If i baff??? Dress up make up finish
You no go sabi me again???
7.Devil will tell you…”Goan steal meat from pot…your mother is sleeping”
Same devil will wake your mom up and tell her…”Go to the kitchen,your son is stealing your meat”
8.Some girls will be making new hair every week…
But will wear one bra for six months…Sisteris not bra again
It is called

9.What a man can do…A woman can do better
Aunty we use our old boxers and singlet to do rag
Can you use your old pant or bra to do rag???
10.I can remember when I started this facebook newly…
I will post picture and someone will like without commenting…and I will comment “Thank you….God will strengthen you”
11.I only date educated guys says a girl with birth certificate
12.Bro if you’re broke,leave someones daughter alone and enjoy your single life
Which one is
☞”Am testing her with poverty to see if she’s wife material”
Brother are you a test tube
13. You post your jamb center with the subject you want to write
Now the result is out….why not post the score also???
Abi your score no reach native doctor cut off
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