1. In American a son get mad at his father and he said to his father “fuck you” and his father hugged him and kiss him.
If you try that shit in Nigeria then get ready to loose your front teeth because the slap you will receive will be bigger than Nigeria problem.

2. Back then in primary school my teacher said I am a useless boy but look at me publishing jokes everyday on my own website, have I not make it in life “Lol”

3. Dangote is begging me to marry her daughter but I refused, imaging handsome boy like me marrying ordinary cement seller, I hate rubbish.

4. Sometimes you need to be high before you see the most high, this word is sponsored by federal ministry of Alcohol edict


5. If you post your girlfriend picture with the caption “my happiness” I will add her because I want to be happy too

6. You’re busy complaining that government don’t fulfill their promises you that bought coke since last week have you returned the bottle?

7. Those of you that clean your anus and look at the tissue paper. What are you expecting to see, chocolate?

8. Even if God decides to call us to heaven on phone, some Nigeria ladies will be like “how did you get my number”

9. You will be minding your business thinking of how to make it in life and some lady with big ass will just come and pass by just to confuse you

10. I cried for two hours when the man next to me in the taxi told me that he use to take first position in all his Waec

11. Bible students gather here. When Paul and Silas was locked up in a prison, who was the D. P. O

12. Today I entered a plane going to Dubai, to my greatest surprise I saw the two pilots fighting, I just came down and enter a bike, I hate nonsense.

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