1. Welcome to Nigeria where Most girls reject good guys & choose bad boys , when they get disappointed they blame all men

2. Dear future wife,
I’m giving you 3 months to show yourself or else I will use your bride price money to drink Alcohol

3. Because your boyfriend/girlfriend refused to pick your calls you now lost your appetite, I guess your brain need adjustment


4. Be happy if HE left you with a Broken Heart , Others would have left you with a BABY

5. If he said believe in destiny distance dose not mater hmmm my dear sister just run for your life don’t ask me why I have wisdom

6. I don’t date broke Niggas ”
Says a girl who’s still owning MTN airtime advance

7. I wanna be rich in such a way that if I see a cockroach in my new house… I’ll move on and buy a new one

8. Love used to be blind but now it has received its treatment .
Now it looks at u , ur pocket , ur family & social status & even ur bank account balance too.

9. First 10 people on your tag list will be dancers at your wedding
Mention them pls ! I’m busy at home

10. When your girlfriend is so damn good in bed but very lazy at doing house chores. Your relatives will be complaining but you will be like; “You people don’t know this girl”..

11. Lord bless every hand that like and comment on my jokes, but for those that always ignore my joke’s just carry koboko flog them

Itz Still Your Boy Mr Ceeno

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