1. Laddies what’s the reason for buying expensive panties when you can’t allow us to bent down and see them? May your panties catch fire!
2. I miss the time when I used to work at the zoo. My boss fired me just because I left the lion’s gate open. I mean who would steal a lion
3. That awkward moment when you fall off the steps in mall and your bae be like “I told you your cheating will kill you”
4. When your Ex blocked you and later unblock you, just know that life is harder at the other side, actually there was no light at the end of that stupid tunnel

5. That awkward moment when you’re laughing at your friend for getting kicked out of the class and the teacher says “hey you idiot join him”
6. I’m still wondering who told taxi drivers that the perfect time to buy fuel is after loading passengers

7. Employers: your CV says you are really quick at maths, what’s 36×43
Me : 72
Employers: That is not even close!
Me : Yes but at least i was really quick!
8. At a funeral, a slay queen was crying loudly for a long time. Then suddenly she kept quiet. then i asked “why are u quiet now?” she said, I’m now on vibration.

9. some times girls can be cruel, i told this girl that i can die for her, and she said prove it.
10. I was owing MTN N2000, so I broke the sim card and bought another one, after registration I got a text, so its you again
11. People that gossip in taxis and buses,learn to be fast please. It’s painful going home wondering how the story ended.


12. The way some people manages data , you will think they studied data management in university.
How can you use 10mb for 25 days

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