Nigerian businesswoman with Instagram handle @funkycollectionz has taken to her IG page to lament how she and some of her friends were scammed by scammers through fake bank alerts.

She also used the opportunity to tell Nigerians how these scammers operate and to be careful in order not to fall victims.

She wrote:

Fellow business owners, please Let’s be careful out there no matter much the pressure is �
Dear customers, kindly be patient with us if we don’t get alert on time, sometimes banks � can be frustrating �
But you see this Devil’s incarnate ehn, she would pay that money completely even if it’s for 600 years and those shoes she has been going about to scam people for, she go rock am by fire by force�
As it is hungering her, she go rock am but with her own money�
Let her be scape goat �
I know there are other people here who have tried or would try this nonsense too, in your best interest Don’t be unfortunate, keep off my page because if I catch you, you would see me knocking on your door � myself to deal with you!!!

Watch the video below:

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