Would you postpone your tasks today for tomorrow? Why? Many uncertain circumstances could derail you tomorrow. Take advantage of today and utilize it well. For more insights, read on.

As a must, you should make two lists on work and household chores and carry them with you.

While at work, if you have crossed out only a few on your list, figure out what the best way is to accomplish them all. Make a few phone calls to your colleagues in your department and delegate tasks to them. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Work out a list of tasks for each of your delegated colleagues, detailing and explaining them by working one hour overtime.


When you drive home, you can cover one or two household chores such as getting groceries or stock of medicine.

When you reach home, cook and have dinner with family. Try to relax and be gentle to everybody, listening to their stories, suggesting solutions for any problems, joking around and closing the dinner.

If you feel too tired, take a short nap with soothing and melodious music playing in the background. After an hour, get up, clean the kitchen and the backyard. If there are any more household tasks, finish them with vigor. You just took a nap and so you must be fresh and thinking clearly.

If you tutor your children with their homework, do that. If you find this an added burden, you can hire a tutor for them and enjoy some “me time”.

You should have a conversation with your hubby keeping each other updated with tasks, day’s events and family budget and expenditure. You can end the conversation on a lighter note, thinking of taking a vacation this year or conceiving another child or throwing a party with friends and the list goes on.

Before heading for bed, try to read a hardcopy book – fiction or self-help book, whichever you enjoy. When your eyes are too tired and can no longer grasp the book, switch off the lights and go to sleep.

This is how you take complete advantage of today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed because you may hear about someone close passing away or your child falls off the swing at school and is hurt and you have to take her to the hospital or simply, it’s a snowy weather. So would you be glad the next day that you fully utilized today? Follow this trick every single day and you will thrive happily and victoriously. Gotcha?

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