1.So you’re going through your boyfriend’s phone and then come across a contact saved with “free sex”.
You dialed it, and your phone starts ringing.
Worry not much my sister, I sabi one baba for Enugu-ezike.
2.You’re fixing 4k nails on that finger that scored 57 in Jamb.
You deserve to be flogged with ewedu broom.
Awon Oni Slay Queen
3.Biology Exam Question:
Draw the Female reproductive Organ? As the exam was going on..a girl looked btw her legs Απd a boy saw her Απd shouted *Sir she’s cheating,she’s copying from d Original source….’*
4. My brother you are 35 years old, but you keep posting “when i grow up…” what else do you want to grow? Horns?
5.A Korean actress revealed that she eats three spoons of rice everyday in order to be slim.
But my African ladies eat those three spoons to check if the salt is enough
6. When the relationship is still new there will be no problem with network connection, but after scores sexual intercourse the dude will be like bae network is poor I will call you later
brother why
7. *Money is money*
An accident occurred two days ago, 11 people were injured and 12 died. So the Minister Of Health visited the hospital immediately and promised to offer 2million to the injured and 60million to the dead for their funeral.
One of the injured got up and laid where the dead were; one of the dead shouted, *bro go back to your place don’t bring confusion here, they have counted us already*.
8.*You find it hard to close your eyes during prayers,* *but if lips touches yours,*you close your eyes like Tilapia fish!!!!!!*
*God is watching you with microscope.*
9. Nigerians have trust issues when
it comes to buying bread.
After asking if it’s “today’s bread”
it still has to undergo the squeezing test
10: *Have you ever faked a story so good that you even forgot that you’re lying.*

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