1. Independence should be, when the citizens can freely go to the bank and take any amount of money they want and go home free, but this government will not reason with us

2. That’s how i mistakenly stepped on
a Yoruba girl
Yoruba girl: are u in Zain?
Me: no I’m in mtn

3. With the way things are going in Nigeria, APC might change their broom to cutlass

4. I mistakenly step my foot on a Fulani leg, since then I have been dodging cutlass
5. The way some guys shake their dick after urination eh, i don’t need anybody to tell me that he was a school timekeeper
6. Somewhere right now, a boy is busy smelling his boxer just to know if he can wear it again
7. Nothing pains me like seeing my stingy friend eat my cake on my birthday party


8. The pains of controlling tears in occasion when the person shearing food skip you is another level of maturity
9. This is 1st October and some girls have not seen their period since September, anyway I just wanna wish you happy mothers day in advance
10. At this my age I still look front and back before crossing busy road, not that I am afraid of cars, I just want to obey the law
12. I know i love Nigeria but base on say today is independence for Nigeria doesn’t mean I will reject a free visa to USA

13. What is wickedness? Wickedness is when you read this jokes and refuse to share with others to laugh with you.

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