1. Ah I’m fainting and you’re busy pressing my neck, do you want me to die?
  2. Dangote called me to inform me that he is my biological father, but I didn’t accept, I can’t admit to be addressed as a son of ordinary cement seller no not me
  3. The pain of finding out that your girlfriend is actually your biological father
  4. Guys see, smoking weed cannot stop me from advising you, let me tell you something, no matter how poor your father is always respect her because she is still your brother
  5. I met a young lady crying inside a ShopRite when I asked her why she’s crying she said she lost her $3000 so I gave her $1000 dollar out of $3000 I found at the entrance of the ShopRite, if God blesses you is good to bless other.
  6. Weed is actually useless, I smoked it today and nothing happened, I don’t know why people praise it, anyway I just want to let you know that Corona virus is more dangerous than Covid-19
  7. I don’t know who needs to hear this but tomorrow morning surprise your towel by washing it
  8. A girl will update her WhatsApp status with “I love you sweetheart” and 10 boys will reply with “thanks sweetheart” this life no balance o.
  9. First of all use your mouth to lick it till it becomes wet, then put it slowly inside the hole, that’s how to put thread in a needle, what were you thinking?
  10. Africa parents, can you please grow up and stop beating your children with cane,
    The Bible said we should “Use Rod” lemme come and be going before somebody slap me here.

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