1. Very soon MTN will start sending message like your brother is owing us for two years, if you love your brother kindly press 1 to payback

2. I thought Facebook is just for fun but some of us are really meeting and having s*x behind our back

3. The girl that refused to show me her breast back in secondary school is now sitting next to me in taxi and she is breast feeding her baby. Is our God not wonderful?πŸ˜‚

4. That awkward moment you’re seating next to one beautiful girl in the church and the pastor shout “standup and hug your neighbor, just smile bro you have made it in life


5. The way I crack jokes for my girlfriend eh, she even said I am very funnycation

6. The way I fear my ex eh, I even wear hand glove before liking her pix on Facebook

7. If you crack a joke and is not funny to me, don’t expect me to hahaha in something that’s not hahahareable

8. With the way things are going in Nigeria, APC may change their broom to cutlass oo

9. If it was a Yoruba man that own Facebook and WhatsApp, some emoji would have tribal marks, Ah who stone me

10. Is only in Nigeria you will see poor man selling books on how to make money

11. If I have never made you laugh this year, just comment “hi” lemme block you.
your problem is bigger than me and my jokes

12. Are you on WhatsApp? That question should stop, if you want to ask her for her number please be bold enough to ask her number. Stop using WhatsApp to cover up

13. Seriously girls should stop this makeup of a thing, I just kissed my sister forehead and it tested like tiger battery

14. Saying thanks for acceptance my friend request should end this year, please don’t carry that grammar to 2020

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