1. I once had a crush on Facebook after sending her transport money she crushed me, some girls can be wicked

2. I don’t know who need to hear this but please stop putting your hands in your anus when nobody is seeing you

3. If not because my life is in the hands of God I would have been dead because I tried to fly like JETLI. You better be wise.

4. The reason why I don’t post my girlfriend pictures on social media is because my girlfriend might look exactly like your girlfriend.


5. I will never watch Nigeria movie again, how can you be in America and be hearing “Yaba yaba yaba”

6. In America, when they see something Amazing they shout “Oh my God” but in Nigeria you will hear something like “hoomy Goooood” Nigeria will never change.

7. Before I forget please how much is flight from Logos to Nigeria is been long I travel.

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